Esme Garcia

Professional Master Hair & Makeup Artist | Aspiring Model | Fashion Expert | Inspirational Speaker

Graduated & Licensed by Milan Institute of Cosmetology


Esme Headshots

Esmé Garcia is an ambitious individual with a vision for beauty and fashion beyond her time. She has 7 years experience in the beauty industry. Her dream of owning her own salon has come true as well as freelancing & traveling sharing with the world what good God has blessed her with her God given talents. The San Antonio community, her friends and her family have been there to support her and bring her business. It is great to see a San Antonio woman achieving her dreams and being a role model to her own two children. She is a Christian that has a huge heart for all who she comes into path with and values her life with helping others achieve there goals as well. She is a graduate of Milan Institute and has been invited back, and to other Cosmetology schools to be a Inspirational speaker. Esmé is often busy with attending networking events, researching tools, products, new beauty styles and treatments, helping others where needed in the community and spending time with her children. What makes her and her talents so intriguing? She dreams big, has a fashion sense that is runway worthy, is a true make-up artist & has talents to transform ladies into their own unique beauty or if desiring a celebrity look will  create one. Esmé creates her own fashion looks using clothing pieces from different local vintage stores and with her talent designs a beautiful style of her own. So if you are in need of some beauty or fashion advice Esmé is the girl you can consult with.

When you walk into or hire Lord & Esmé you can expect to be embraced by a chic, compassionate,dependable, trendsetting and God fearing professional! She is a gem waiting to be discovered by all who desire to look and feel glamourous.♥